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Brewing Tips: Pour-Over Coffee


There are dozens of ways to brew coffee, but one of our absolute favorites is the pour-over. It takes time, patience, and practice to perfect, but once you get the hang of it nothing can compare. 

Step 1: Use freshly roasted coffee. Mitchell Canyon Coffee is roasted and shipped weekly to ensure you are getting the freshest coffee possible.

Step 2: Always grind your coffee fresh. Grounds should be roughly the size of sand. 

Step 3: Water temperature should be 195-205 degrees F. (or 30 seconds off the boil).

Step 4: Rinse filter with hot water. This will wash out the taste of paper from the filter as well as pre-heating your mug or receptacle. 

Step 5: Reference the ratio chart (below) to make sure your coffee is well-balanced. 

Step 6: Your first pour should only be enough to cover the grounds. Allow 30 seconds to let the coffee bloom (the better the bloom, the fresher the coffee). 

Step 7: Pour slowly. Try to keep the water level low without letting the grounds dry up. From start to finish, the dripping should last about 3-4 minutes. 

Step 8: Discard filter, and enjoy! 


Ratio Chart

10oz- 20g

12oz- 22g 

16oz- 24g

20oz- 28g

24oz- 30g


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