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Mitchell Canyon Coffee is proud to announce its newest partnership with Love Doesa non-profit Christian organization founded by Bob Goff. 

"Our mission here at Love Does is to transform lives for the better and help those in need. Through this pursuit, Love Does has been working to provide education and fight for human rights in current and post conflict zones throughout the world. We have schools, orphanages, safe homes and medical clinics in Nepal, Uganda, Somalia, India and Afghanistan. By seeking out the needs of the people and expanding and growing based on those needs, we hope to make a lasting impact in many people’s lives."

-Love Does


  • 6908 luna st Mercedes TX 78570

    Silvia Luna
  • bonjour je suis un grossiste de cafes et je suis tres intereset de vos produits et j ai besoin des echantillons pour examiner vos produits et pour les presenter vos produitsa mes clients et puis je fait une commande et je paye cash j attend votre reponce merci


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